John, now 23, has a nightmare about a black hole being the end of everything ever. He wakes up in a cold sweat, and realizes he has been "...dreaming in anime again." He gets a call from Rose, and before he answers, he notices she has left 46 text messages while he was sleeping. Rose comments on how John hasn't called in forever. John says that he has been "dreaming in anime again" and asks what Rose thinks it means. Rose says she doesn't have any idea. She goes on to say that her "condition" has been getting worse. "What condition," John wonders. Rose has been getting headaches and "visions" as of recent, and requests John to see her in person immediately.


When John arrives, he finds Rose sleeping. She has a lot of pills, but Rose assures John it is medicine recommended by a doctor to ease the condition she has. Her headaches are becoming worse due to the increasing frequency of the visions she has. Her abilities as a Seer of Light "shed light" on events in the past, present, future, and of completely different realities. She believes her abilities are advancing at a rate which her physical body cannot keep up with. Her visions have shown her "a greater understanding of our present situation and all the events that led us here." John wants to know if what she's seen is good or bad, but Rose thinks those words aren't accurate. Instead, it's more like if its essential or unimportant. She says he green sun is destroyed, but then decides to stop beating around the bush. John must enter back into canon to defeat Lord English. His decision must be made today, or else it will be too late. John asks why he has to go and do this, and to explain why, we must first talk about canon.

They are currently outside canon, but even though events take place outside canon, that doesn't make said events non-canon. Their canon-fates were decided once they entered the door, via the "three pillars of canon" -relevance, truth, and essentiality. Canon events have relevance, are essential, and are true. Events outside canon tend to not be relevant or essential in any way. This doesn't mean these events are untrue, however. Non-canon means it is simply untrue, but they might still have relevance and essentially regardless. But since it is still untrue at the end of the day, it being "relevant" has no true meaning. Since Earth C is outside canon, it may be "irrelevant," but its still true. It is today when that all could change, though. The more you spend outside canon, the more your relationship with canon becomes loosened. John must defeat Lord English because certain things must happen to make Earth C's existence "legitimate." If this doesn't happen, then "dissipation" will occur, where everything is "forgotten."

Rose says the house-shaped-juju resembles a gap in canon that must be filled. John must use the juju as a weapon to defeat Lord English. Rose also reveals that only John will be going to defeat him and no one else on Earth C. Everyone has been "decommissioned as active players on the cosmic stage" except for John. John must find alternate versions of his friends instead. Rose hands John a letter with some instructions. She assures John that if her instructions are followed, Lord English will be defeated. John says that they can talk about it when he gets back, which makes Rose clammed up for a moment. But she changes her mood, giving him good luck on his adventure. But before he starts his adventure, John gets a text message from Roxy.


[unfinished] John sits with Roxy and Calliope in a grassy field of the Carapace Kingdom. John talks about Rose, and Roxy recognizes her talk as being about ultimate selves. She describes it as "the shit where she starts knowing everything and feelin bad," and John says that Rose kept describing it as a condition and not an "ultimate self." John mentions how he's glad her medication is keeping her functional, which makes Roxy concerned. But John convinces them that it's not like that at all. Roxy ultimately doesn't care, since they aren't close to Rose anymore. Ever since she got married, she's been busy in the brooding caverns.