I have spent years of collecting old video games, mostly NES and SNES games. I usually get them from a garage sale, as they are pretty cheap, but you have to get up early. Like, very early. Pretty much everyone takes them by the time breakfast stops getting served at restaurants, and even then you're lucky if you find at least one.

While riding my car around looking for garage sales, I saw something that made me shocked. A man was giving away a ton of N64 games, and not just a handful, but an entire box filled with cartridges upon cartridges! Quickly parking my car, I ran to the man with wallet in hand, ready to find some new games to add to my N64 collection, after all, it is very bare. The sad thing is, all the games he had matched mine. Nothing to add. I left away with sadness leaving behind my trail, when suddenly, I heard the man speak.

“Hey kid, I got one more game if you’d like to see it.”

My eyes widened, as I ran back to see what game it was. It wasn’t in a cartridge, and it wasn’t even a game for a console. It was a copy of Half-Life 2, for the PC. I wasn’t much of a PC gamer, but I had heard that this game was very grand, and had lots of cool things in it; so much that it ends up on a lot of top 10 video games list. I bought it for a solid 10 bucks, and I brought it home and put the game in my computer.

The game booted up, with a creepy logo of a man with a valve inside his head. Then the name “VALVE” showed up, very clever developers. The game then had a loading screen, and it brought up the main menu. I noticed the background was completely black, except for the text that said “LOKAMII”. I clicked on “new game” and everything went black, and the Half-Life 2 logo showed up. After which, a creepy man was staring into my face, but didn’t speak. There was several things moving behind him, but I really couldn’t tell what any of it really was, just some weird sciency stuff. Everything flashed white, and I was in a train. For some reason, no one was with me. The train then stopped in it’s tracks, and the doors opened for me to get off. I walked out of said train, and I saw a big metal thing hanging on the wall, but I could not tell what it was for.

No other NPC was in the area, so I was free to roam. Eventually I came across a character that was entirely black. A window popped up that said