CHildhood stuffed animal?


ONISM has been REALLY dark lately with the disappearance of Semi Pak. And while the occult and mysterious happenings are the primary topic on the forum, I thought it would be a GREAT idea if we had a few more happy topics to cleanse our pallets. So, as your friendly neighborhood MOD I’ve decided to start a happy topic! What was your childhood stuffed animal friend? Mine was Toby the Ox. He was an Ox, named Toby. I loved him. He’d go everywhere with me! I still have him, he’s on my shelf. My mom recently tried to give him to my niece, so I had to hide him under my bed. Anyway, how about you guys? What did you have?


I shiiiiiit I remember that Ox! I had a Penguin named Penguini. I don’t think I have her any more... my sister and I used to fight over who ACTUALLY owned her. When she went away to school she took her with her... I wonder where that penguin is?


I had an octopus named Googlie because he had those funny eyes that roll around with you shook him. That guy was the best!!!


Googlie is a GREAT name for an Octopus.


I had a stuffed Bear! Actually where this name came from. It was literally the only thing I needed as a kid to be happy. My Bear Necessity!


O0o00o0o00o I was too busy playing with myself to worry about stuffed animals.


I had a stuffed Panda, named Panda. Only thing was he was a pink Panda. So, Pink and White rather than Black and White... come to think of it, he may have been a bleached polar bear! I wonder if I still have it.