Distorted Space Creatures and Elevator Girl


Everyone’s favorite mod, and @SNESMAN99 here. Few days ago @SNESMAN99 noticed that the elevator in the Elevator Girl video looked really similar to the one in an abandoned factory North East of Frankton. We went to check it out, and surprisingly the elevator still worked by it only took us down to the basement level. This is where things got really weird. Look at the fractured ground, and all the strange hostiles running around. We continued on hoping to find Sammy or a clue of some sort, and this is where things got weird. The star creatures from the Elevator Girl video? Yeah, they were down there. We tried to take a few pictures of them, and they were completely distorted... but if you look closely, you can see the colors are the same and you can sort of make out it’s face!


Honestly man, if the source was anyone but you, I would think this was another HOAX trying to capitalize on that poor missing girl... but, I’m intrigued. Do you have the GPS coordinates so I can go check this place out myself?


Thanks @papershivers for believing us. It was pretty horrifying. Down right SCARY. I don’t know how to figure out GPS coordinates...but, I can give you directions. North of Frankton, there is a Windmill field thingy, that borders Frankly Woods. Enter Frankly Woods from there, and head North East, and the factory is there. Be careful, bring a friend, and maybe a weapon.


... holy shit... I wish I had a car... I NEED to check this place out.


If ANYONE sees anything that resembles the Star Creature guys or just any weird stuff happens around your town, PM me or VERAformer and we’d be happy to come check it out. I really want to find Sammy, and I know there is a connection here.