AKA "Quintessence" the consciousness that fills 89% of the Universe... thanks to this and evolution, one day our offspring will be able to travel the universe, if not the multiverse, by thought alone. What I’m about to explain is how telekinesis works... it’s just a matter of evolution. Helix waves (the energy put forth by strong and focused thought) have the potential to initiate a fundamental paradigm shift in the very nature of our reality. They are the missing link between mind and matter! This is the missing link of what binds physical, to the unphysical. Once scientists finally acknowledge the existence of Helix Waves, things never thought possible will happen! Problem is, they are afraid of validating the perspectives of mystics and occultists. (my kinda people.) Various researchers consider Helix Waves as being synonymous or identical with consciousness itself. This means once scientists start studying this, we could possibly meet other versions of ourselves in the multiverse. Since helix waves are a fundamental and defining feature of the cosmos we can see how consciousness is also; consciousness has a real and detectable force which can act on the environment both locally and remotely. Suddenly the notion of something like psychokinesis is not so “paranormal.” Hexlis waves are stronger in some than others. It is very possible that due to natural selection, we’ll soon be able to to use it on a wide spread basis. Sure, some people (maybe even some ONISM users) can use it... and if you guys get laid, and produce fertile offspring, natural selection will bring it out!


Very interesting. So, do you have any basis for the existence of Helix Waves? I did a quick internet search and couldn’t find anything other than this post? Do you have any more information about this?


I’m sorry, I should’ve explained myself. I got all of this from a paper Naila El Amin. She’s a scientist from the middle east who is studying the multiverse and astral projection via helix waves.


Do you have a link to her resarch? I search her name, and she doesn’t seem to exist. Maybe in your multiverse, not mine lol.