New details on Semi Pak


Last night I couldn’t sleep so I was channel surfing and I came across the KNN. Briefly, they showed the missing persons ad for Semi Pak. Now, I don’t speak Korean so I don’t really know what was said, but they showed what appeared to be a time line. It said 9:09 AM (Let’s assume this is when she got to work) and 1:12 PM, maybe this is when she left the building? Anyone know if Semi had a car, or a license?


Interesting... I didn’t catch this, but I’ve found myself watching the KNN lately hoping they’d show show something about her. Good question, about her driving though. If she did drive, AND we could figure out the time stamp, then we could figure out what building that video was taken in. Say she leaves at 1:12 PM, and the footage is taken at 2:12 PM (just throwing out random times), then we can find out which buildings within at most an hours drive have elevators and so on. Alternatively, if anyone can look into the Easton Bus schedule, we can figure out where she could have bussed to. My understanding of the KNN is that they’re on a two lane highway near the university, but not much else. So, maybe we’re on to something...


I called her uncle again, and he said that she didn’t drive. So, we now have three ways she could’ve gotten to the building: Taxi, Bus, walking. Doing a quick scan of the Easton Bus schedules, it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t take a bus. The busses there run every HOUR. That’s NJ for you. Anyway, the bus goes to two places: the University at Easton, and a shopping mall.... then they continue on to a few other towns, but mostly it heads out of state or into the city. However, getting out of the state or to the city would take a while... I really wish we could figure out that fucking time stamp.


So, I guess that leaves Taxis or walking... we’ve confirmed that there are no large buildings within walking distance, right? I’m thinking of taking a trip out to the KNN this weekend to see what I can find out. I’ll report back with what I learn in another thread.


I’ve been thinking about trying to get to the KNN recently. Sammy and I have a lot in common, as I don’t have a car or a licence either... and now that I’ve read that post about the buss schedule, I’m even more out of luck then I thought.


*then. Retard.