I am the Elevator Girl, Semy Pak


My mother’s name is Kyung-soo, and she is mentally handicapped. She suffers from bipolar 1 disorder, shows signs of being skitsofrantic, and has been very difficult to live with. When I was born, my father worked his hardest to give me a normal life... even without a normal mom. When I was six, he left us... because it was too much for him. I had a younger brother, but he did in his crib... after that, Mom went even further off the deep end. Finally, my uncle insisted we put her in a home. Doing so, was the hardest thing I ever did. I took a job at the KNN, after my friend Sang-chui recommended me for an entry level position. I took it, and got a small apartment in Easton. After one day there, I felt something growing inside of me that I had been worrying about... voices, bouncing around inside my head like ping pong balls. I left work, and returned to my apartment. My roommate was angry at me, because apparently I had put 9vt batteries into his soup that morning. We got into a huge fight. It was so loud, between our yelling, and the sound of the voices in my head!!! I got back into the elevator... I do not want to be found. Please, stop looking for me. -Semy Human