Strange things are happening here in Wind Town. Our little redneck side of the tracks has been experiencing some serious supernatural happenings. I’m convinced that there is a ghost in this town! Just check out the warning signs. 1. Extreme temperature changes. This town is up in the mountains, and is generally pretty chilly. However, at nights, near the graveyard... within 10-15 minutes, there is 10-15 degree jump and decline near this one grave. Pretty freaky, huh? 2. Electricity Issues Randomly, the lights flicker on all the mobile homes, but only after a burial. We’ve had a few deaths in the lately lately... so any disturbances in the ground at the cemetary results in the power going on the frits. 3. Strange Smells Late at night, if you’re in the park, there is a really odd sweat smell of rotten fruit. 4. Unexplained Sounds Late at night, when I’m hanging out in my yard, I can hear the sounds of crunching metal. I’ve lived in this town since I was a kid, and I’ve always hung out in the yard at night. THESE are new. They weren’t here before the recent string of burrials. So, what about you guys? Any ghosts in your town?


Spotted ghost near strip mall west of Easton. Scary stuff. Spooked me. I think it wants to be my friend!


@superbpudding, did you actually speak to the ghost?


I AM THE GHOST. Come see me. I’ll tell you a story. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)