Mysterious VAN in all SEMi PAK PHOTOS


Guys, holy shit. I was spending my usual 9-10 hours of staring at the only photos we have of semi park, when I noticed something interesting. Look below. I’ve highlighted something... in the photos, there is a VAN.The same Van. As far as we know, Semi didn’t have a license. I think it’s time we ask ourselves if she had a boyfriend. Someone who owned the van, and was driving her around. I called the detective in charge of the case and pointed this out to him, but he didn’t seem to take me seriously. So, let’s all be on the lookout for this van. If you see it, knock on the door, and get some information!!!!!


Well, funnily enough, I saw the van earlier in the week. It was at the Northern Frankton Reservoir. No one in it, but it looked abandoned.


I could be completely wrong, but I think I saw it parked at a gas station on 72. I was too scared to approach.


I saw this van in bed with OP’s mom. It was pretty kinky.


Oh shit, I see this van all the time at the Twin Pines Mall by Easton University. I work at the food court there and I see it in the mornings.


Oh shit @Frigidmilkshakes, I go to EU too. Near the north gate, the security van kinda looks like this. I’ll stop by tomorrow and check it on the way to class to see if I find anything.


There is a bowling alley in south Jersey that sometimes has a van like that... but, as you know, there are always vans at bowling alleys. Careful if anyone decides to check it out... some sketch mofos usually go there...


@BearsNecessity, aren’t you from WInd Town? Check near the water tower. I think I’ve seen a van with satellites like that on there.