Weird stuff happening around town


Something really weird is going on lately. Like, shit out of a movie. Last week, I was out on a walk, when I came across a cute dog, and I love dogs, so I decided to follow it. Turned out to by owned by @opulentowl who also frequents this forum. I was surprised to meet another ONISM user in real life. So, we started talking, and things were fun. But, when I tried to walk back home, I got attacked by birds, a smiling slime, and a Rat that looks like it was stolen from Pokemon. So, each day since, I've found that there are more hostiles. Like today, I had to fight a little girl holding a brick. She was so agro! Maybe there is lead in the water.


Hey @Colossalbind, I really enjoyed meeting you last week. I had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for that help with my roommate. We would've never been able to move his stuff out without your help. Thank god for you. He really was becoming a drain on me... Sorry things have been so weird for you! I haven't noticed any hostiles lately, but I also rarely leave my house. I spend waaaaay too much time playing with my dog.


NP @Colossalbind. Anytime. Thankfully Mom let me borrow her car. Your roommate sure was scary tho, don't you think?


I wish I could meet some ONISM users IRL. Enough PP tho. I've been thinking about what @Colassalbind wrote... I can relate a bit I think. So, my friend and I were out photographing a trailer park near our house, and people there were scary af. Like, just creepy walmart people, without the low low prices. I don't know if it was just because we were outsiders, but they had no issue attacking us. So, I've been carrying around my baseball bat with me to keep myself safe ever since. It's okay, because I just wear a baseball cap, and everyone thinks I'm just off to play a game. Little do they know, I'm deadly.


Yeppp. I've noticed this. Strangely enough, I thought it was just part of growing up... having to protect yourself from hostiles. Last week we had to beat up this alpaca and some samurai turtles. It's a great workout though. I don't want to get chubby like @SNESMAN99 before I go away to school.