Alien at Reservoir


On October 1st 1999- I was walking home from work at a local factory, and decided to take the scenic route by the Frankton Reservoir. I had just gotten off the main road when when I glanced up and saw a strange silver/grey object hovering off in the distance seemingly over the area of the woods north of me. I could not tell its exact size but it was large and stationary ( it did not lower or raised as I watched it, and I watched it for a long time). I was amazed how still it was!!!! I noticed that the sky was partly cloudy but the top of the object was reflecting sunlight or radiated its own light. As I was watching the object, a couple came up to me and said that they had first spotted the object from the highway as they were driving to PA. The wife stated that her husband did not see any type of tether and ask me did I see one. I said I did not as we watched it hover, then spin on its axis and I saw the attachment just under its "nose". It was slightly curve and reddish in color. None of us had a camera on us, but I plan on going back to see if if I can get some pictures. If you live nearby, check out the site. Something weird is going on there!!!


I checked out the site. I can confirm there was an alien there. I got into a fight with it... I’ve uploaded images. I hope you guys enjoy this! -SNESSMAN99 out.