Unseen32 and Better Endings


When this all began, I had such hopes for your future. I wanted everything for you, Alex. Time wasn’t on my side, so my efforts were futile. However, a better fate for you lies in the project, but I can’t tell you how to find it. I’m not even sure if there’s a way. In a dream I saw you grab her by the hand, and leave this mess behind. You saved your friends and your family. You saved the world! It wasn’t destroyed. It was because you listened to your heart, and not the postmodern philosophy of a lying mind. You need to believe what you see, and trust your brain. You need to clean your room, and work on yourself. And most importantly, you need to think for yourself. Don’t let them strip you of your value. Don’t follow them blindly into darkness. There is nothing but pain there. There is no bright future down that rabbit hole. Leave the plastic behind, and go for the flesh.... If you can find her. Did you forget what you came here for? Did you forget what you were looking for all this time? She’s out there. Don’t trust silicon and binary. Trust yourself. Trust your own mind. Reality may be shattered, but you can still see the truth in all the fake. I only wish I could’ve given you this fate with my keyboard, however no one would ever allow me to ship a game with such a beautiful, happy ending. They want you to not believe in yourself. They want me to make you trust in her.